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Am I guaranteed to be able to get the money when sending a capture within 179 days?

The capture will be processed as usual and you will get your money - even if the payment card expires, is lost or is stolen. In rare cases when the customer changes his bank between authorization and capture, you cannot get your money. The customer’s bank, however, will have to act in good faith and try to collect the transaction before making a chargeback.

NOTE: The more days between the authorization and the capture, the larger risk is for you to receive a chargeback reasoned with “late capture”. If the capture is made within 730 days, you cannot receive such a chargeback.

Can I do a partly capture or authorization?

Yes, this is called a split payment and is something that Clearhaus supports. However, your gateway must also support this feature - contact them for more information.

Do I have to pay VAT on the fees you charge?

No. We are a financial institution, which means that our fees are not subject to VAT.

For how long can I do a refund?

You can make a refund on a transaction up to 179 days after the latest capture.

For how long does an authorization last?

Captures can be made within 179 days of the authorization; if it is 180 days old, it is too old.

How are interchange fees calculated?

Interchange fees are the costs we (the acquirer) pay the issuing bank. Interchange fees are set by the card schemes such as Visa and MasterCard.

Apart from the interchange fees from the card schemes, the merchant, who has an Interchange+ or IC+ agreement, also pays any other additional processing fees related to the transaction.

Finally, on top of that, we add our discount rate e.g. 0.5%.

I typed in the wrong password ten times at - what do I do?

When you type in the wrong password ten times, your account will be closed for an hour, counting from the last time you tried to log-in. This is also the case even though you change your password.

In the pricing list a special fee for high risk customers are mentioned, what is this fee?

840 Euros for a year. This is a yearly payment and can not be split into monthly payments.

Is it possible to only refund part of the transaction amount?

Yes. At any point in time (as long as the 179 day age is not surpassed), you can refund what has already been captured for any given authorization. Refunds does not “free up” value that can then be re-captured. Your gateway must also allow partial refunds.

Is the money reserved on the cardholder's bank account for 179 days?

No. Depending on the type of card, the amount is reserved for 7-30 days.

What card types do you accept?

We support all card types offered by Visa and Mastercard. These include:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Credit
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Mastercard Credit
  • Maestro

What information do I need to provide to get a merchant account?

You can sign up for a merchant account using our online application form. Here you will find the list with all the information required to be provided with a merchant account for a regular business.

If you are running a non-Danish company, a high-risk business, or a business that requires a license granted by a state authority, read this article for more information: What information do I need to provide to get a merchant account?

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is an account at an acquirer/financial institution (Clearhaus) that is similar to a bank account.

What's the difference between an acquirer and a gateway?

A gateway/PSP provides the payment window in your online shop and forwards the card information to the acquirer. The acquirer processes this information and makes sure that you will receive your payments. The acquirer collects the money from the cardholder’s bank account, store the money, and then deposit the money on your account.

A gateway is never allowed to hold the money. Instead, they are responsible for the technical set-up of features and payment methods, e.g. 3-D Secure and Apple Pay.

When can I start accepting payments?

You can start accepting payments 1-3 days after you have submitted your application.

If you own a business that is considered of high-risk, or just have a particular business model, we may need additional time to assess your application.

When do you pay out my money?

This depends on your settlement period mentioned in the merchant agreement. Our standard settlement period is weekly, in which your money is paid out on Thursdays.

Read this article for more information: When do you pay out my money?

Where do I find your prices?

You can find our prices at:

Which gateways do you support?

Here’s a list of the gateways we support:

  • 8kilo
  • Betternow
  • BigWallet
  • Brand by Hand
  • cbox
  • Certitrade
  • DevCode
  • DevsSolutions
  • ePay
  • EPG - Easy Payment Gateway
  • eShop+
  • FPG
  • Freepay
  • Gate2Payments
  • Invirk
  • iSignThis
  • MoneyMatrix
  • NextPay
  • Paylike
  • PayWiser
  • PensoPay
  • PinPayments
  • QuickPay
  • Reepay
  • ScanPay
  • SegPay
  • Vendo
  • West Soft Development

Which settlement currencies do you offer?

You can be settled in the following currencies: DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR, USD or GBP.

Read this article for more information: Settlements

Which transaction currencies do you accept?

We accept transactions in all currencies supported by Visa and Mastercard.

See all currencies here.

Why am I a so-called high-risk customer?

Card schemes categorise some types of businesses as high risk, since they are particularly exposed to fraud. Both card schemes and Clearhaus has a specific set of rules for these types of businesses. For further elaboration, contact us at

Why do I need a merchant account at an acquirer?

You cannot accept online payments if you don’t have an acquirer. Your acquirer is like a bank for your online shop and processes your payments. The acquirer is in charge of collecting your money from your customers’ banks and pay you this money.

Opening a Merchant Account

Can I get a merchant account in my country?

We offer acquiring services in the countries part of the EU28 or EEA.

I am opening up a second website, can I use my existing agreement with you?

If the products sold in your new webshop is in the same category as the products sold in your current webshop and you want to receive your settlements from us in the same currency, you can use the existing agreement. You simply need to send us an email with your new domain name. Remember to include your customer number (MID) or company name.

If the new webshop is selling products in a different category or if you wish to receive the payments from the new webshop in a different currency you will need to make a new agreement with us.

What are the requirements for my website?

Read this article for more information: What are the requirements for my website?

When do I need an additional merchant account?

Put simply, you need an additional merchant account if you:

  • start a new company (both if you sell the same or completely different products)
  • start selling a completely new product or service in your existing company
  • want to be settled in a different currency

For additional help, send an e-mail to:

Read more about Opening a Merchant Account.

Managing your Merchant Account

How do I find my invoices from Clearhaus?

At Clearhaus, you will not receive invoices. We don’t send statements to you, but you can find a complete overview of your fees and costs. To find this, you need to:

  1. Go to the Clearhaus Dashboard
  2. Go to Settlements ( in top right corner)
  3. Click on the settlement period you wish to view in the table
  4. Choose whether you want the data in Excel, CSV or PDF format
  5. Click “Prepare export” and then “download export”
  6. You will now have a document that gives you an overview over the fees you paid to Clearhaus in the selected period If you, instead, wish to view fees for each transaction in the chosen period, you need to export the data from the table further down on the page.

How do I get data from Dashboard in order for my accountant to do the financial statement?

Clearhaus does not send any data on your sales numbers to you. You can withdraw this data from Dashboard. You can either do this manually by importing Excel or CSV-files, or you can use our API (read more here.

How do I make a refund?

You cannot do this at Clearhaus or in the dashboard. The refund has to be made in your shop module or with your gateway.

How do I terminate my account with Clearhaus?

We are very sorry to hear that you are leaving us.

In order to close your account you have to send us an email with customer number (MID) and company name or CVR-number. You cannot terminate your account over the phone, as it is important that we get this information in written form.

I changed my bank account. How do I change this in my agreement?

Clearhaus has to be informed of any changes relevant for your agreement with us. Send us an email with your new AND old bank information and we will fix it for you. Remember to include company name or customer number (MID) in the email. Please also attach a copy of your bank statement or the like in order to verify the ownership of the bank account.

I changed the address for my company. How do I change this in my agreement?

Clearhaus has to be informed of any changes relevant for your agreement with us. Send us an email with your new address and we will fix it for you. Remember to include company name or customer number (MID) in the email.

I do not receive money from my payments - what is wrong?

When an order is placed in your webshop it automatically reserves the money on the customer’s card. In order to withdraw the money from the customer’s card you have to make a capture in your shop module or in your gateway. You are not allowed to do this before you ship the order.

Note: We settle your accounts weekly (unless otherwise agreed). Usually you will receive your payments Thursday, sometimes Friday. In case of public holidays, you may receive your money later than usual.

In Dashboard I can see that 1 DKK has been withdrawn from customers’ accounts, what does this mean?

If you have a subscription-based business model you can set up the system to make a 1 DKK authorization to check if your customers’ accounts are still valid. The money will not be withdrawn, it is simply an authorization.

Where do I find my API key?

You can find your API key on the Settings page in the Dashboard.

Where do I find my merchant identification number (MID)?

You can find your merchant identification number (MID) on the Settings page in the Dashboard.

The merchant identification number is a 7 digit number. Example: 2000001

Why can't I make a capture on my payments?

Most Clearhaus contracts have a capture limit. This capture limit can, for example, be €6.500 over 30 days. It does not mean that your customers can’t pay if you hit the €6.500 turnover limit in less than 30 days. What it does mean is that you can’t capture the money (read more on that here) before Clearhaus has raised your limit or you get below €6.500 in 30 days. This is purely for safety reasons, so we can reduce the risk of fraud - both for you as an online shop owner and for us as an acquirer.

Why do my transactions fail?

Payments can fail for a lot of reasons.

The first thing to do is to go to your Clearhaus Dashboard an find the declined transaction. You can find all your transactions by clicking on the icon in the top right corner. If you cannot find your failed transactions in our Dashboard, the mistake has happened at your gateway. In this case, please refer to your gateway.

If you find the failed transaction in our Dashboard, you will be able to see a status code (the “Status” column). For failed transactions the code will be red. If you hover your cursor over the red code, a reason code will show. This will tell you why your transaction has failed.

Here’s a complete list of our reason codes:

Code Description
20000 Approved
40110 Invalid card number
40111 Unsupported card scheme (we only support Visa, Mastercard and Maestro)
40120 Invalid CSC
40130 Invalid expiry date
40135 Card expired
40140 Invalid currency (list of our supported currencies)
40150 Invalid text on statement (the descriptor you used for the transaction is not the one approved by Clearhaus)
40190 Invalid transaction (e.g. is you’re not allowed to do credit transfers)
40200 Clearhaus rule violation (we set up specific rules for transactions in your webshop, contact support to clarify the rules for your agreement)
40300 3-D Secure problem (from the issuers side)
40310 3-D Secure authentication failure
40400 Backend problem (issuing bank is not responding to approve the transaction)
40410 Declined by issuer or card scheme (can be for various reasons, cardholder needs to contact his bank to find out why)
40411 Card restricted (restrictions put on the card by issuing bank, e.g. it is not allowed to be used abroad)
40412 Card lost or stolen
40413 Insufficient funds
40414 Suspected fraud
40415 Amount limit exceeded (on the card, e.g. credit limits)
50000 Clearhaus error (glitch in system, contact us for more information)


What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is an additional security level that protects your business from fraudulent transactions.

By using 3-D Secure, the liability for chargebacks caused by fraudulent transactions shifts from your business to the cardholder’s/customer’s bank (issuing bank).

Please note: The payment gateway Reepay does not support 3-D Secure.

Read more about 3-D Secure here and here.

Do I need to pay for 3-D Secure?

No, you can use 3-D Secure free of charge.

When do you suggest to use 3-D Secure?

We suggest using 3-D Secure when you are charging your customer for more than 100 EUR. As of September 2019, PSD2 requires 3-D Secure (or similar) for all transactions above 30 Euros.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is Apple Inc’s digital wallet. Apple Pay is available on all newer iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs. When you register your payment card in the wallet app you can pay by using fingerprint or Face ID. You can pay with Apple Pay in both online shops, apps and as contactless payments i physical stores.

Read more about Apple Pay.

Do you support Apple Pay?

Yes, we do support Apple Pay payments. However, you must have a payment gateway that also supports Apple Pay.

QuickPay, PensoPay, and Paylike support Apple Pay.

How do I enable Apple Pay in my online store?

Clearhaus automatically supports Apple Pay for all our customers. However, in order du accept Apple Pay in your online shop, you need a payment gateway that also supports the feature, e.g. QuickPay. It is your gateway that makes sure Apple Pay is enabled in your store. Contact your gateway for more information.

What is MobilePay?

MobilePay is a mobile-based app payment method offered by Danske Bank.

Read more about MobilePay here.

Do you support MobilePay Online?

Yes, we support MobilePay Online transactions. However, MobilePay Online must be supported by your gateway. The gateways which support MobilePay Online are:

  • QuickPay
  • EPay
  • PensoPay

How do I enable MobilePay?

Clearhaus automatically enables all customers to accept payments with MobilePay. However, in order to activate MobilePay in your online shop, you need a gateway that also supports the feature. Your gateway will take care of all the practical and technical stuff, and they will also activate MobilePay in your shop. Contact your gateway for further help.

Additionally, you need to sign up for MobilePay here.

What is a merchant descriptor?

A descriptor is the text shown on a cardholder’s bank statement that describes a particular payment. The descriptor must help the cardholder identify the company/website on which the payment was made.

The merchant descriptor is defined when the merchant account is established, and is usually set as the website domain name/URL (e.g.

Read more about descriptors here.

How can I change my descriptor?

Send an e-mail to and let us know why you would like to change your descriptor.

Remember that the descriptor must identify the merchant/website that initiates a transaction.

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