Website requirements

Website Requirements list:

In order to get a merchant account, your website needs to fulfill the requirements below.

The following information and elements must be presented clearly to the customer:

  • The Terms and Conditions of the company
  • The Subscription “Terms and Conditions”, if the company offers a subscription-based service or product
  • Refund and Shipping conditions
  • The name of the descriptor for the product/service, which will appear on the bank statement of customer/cardholder
Specifically important if the name of the descriptor is different from the URL of the webpage on which the company sells its product/service.
  • Customer service information (e-mail and phone number)
  • The privacy policy of the company
  • A clear description of the products/services, including prices and fees

  • Contact and company information

  • The location of the company during the checkout process

  • Visa and Mastercard logos


  • The website has an agreement with a gateway. See gateways
  • All card information must be on an SSL secured page or connection
As of the 1st of October 2017, your entire webshop must have an SSL certificate, otherwise, when customers fill out forms in your webshop, the message “Not secure” will appear in the address bar of your webshop.
  • The terms for subscription-based services or products must be accepted by a customer before checkout, including a link to “Terms and Conditions”
  • When a customer has completed a payment on the website, he must be presented with a receipt

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